Value-Added Opportunities for Tofu Okara (Webinar)

Tofu is one of the most important domestic and international value-added food products derived from soybeans. In the manufacturing of tofu, soybeans are soaked, ground, pressed, and separated into two process streams: soymilk, which is later coagulated into tofu, and a high moisture soy pulp byproduct known as okara. While many consider tofu a nutritious food source, fresh okara has proven to be a difficult coproduct stream from which to extract significant value despite its fiber, protein, and nutrient content.

Please join the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute, Northern Crops Institute, and Back When Foods to learn about efforts to identify value-added uses for okara from Minnesota’s only tofu manufacturer, MinnTofu, in research funded by the Minnesota Soy Research and Promotion Council.  This webinar will describe the research focused on fermentation to improve both the hedonic and nutritional profiles of okara as a baking ingredient in traditional and sourdough breads.

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