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The Emerging Biobased Economy

Read the complete report; The Emerging Biobased Economy

About This Report

The purpose of the study is to provide analytic insight and foundations needed to successfully evaluate decisions and assumptions already in place involving biobased products. The study also will help participants to identify opportunities and risks and provide for objective evaluation of case studies, as well as, a framework for strategically positioning their operations in the context of the emerging biobased economy.

The study includes the following elements:
o Introduction – a brief overview of the critical supply and demand forces of the petroleum and energy industries and the developing role of renewable resources.
o Summary of Study Findings – a compendium of the salient highlights/findings from the study.
o Biomass Policy Assessment – a descriptive assessment of the policies (US and abroad) that are helping to shape the biobased economy.
o Technology Assessment – a review of the existing and emerging technologies and chemistry that is transforming the biobased economy.
o Product Assessment – highlights the size and potential of numerous product segments that are impacted by biobased inputs.
o Biorefinery Discussion – a review of the existing and emerging trends of the biorefinery concept.
o Land Resources – a discussion of the role of agricultural lands relative to the bioeconomy.
o Impacts – scenarios of oil prices and governmental support on the biomass and agricultural economies.