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Energy utilization of oil extracted-dried distillers grains with solubles (OE-DDGS) in turkeys

Read the full report: Energy utilization of oil extracted‐dried distillers grains with solubles (OE‐ DDGS) in turkeys

About this report:

Much interest exists by poultry nutritionists regarding the amount of energy present in corn-derived dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) that can be utilized by meat-type poultry such as turkeys and chicken broilers. A recent change in production of DDGS has occurred with the removal of a portion of the oil (high energy component) prior to final drying to produce DDGS, which was suspected of to reducing the energy content of DDGS expressed as metabolizable energy (ME) for poultry.


The report details the determination of metabolizable energy of reduced oil DDGS for turkeys so that poultry nutritionists could be provided with more accurate information regarding the energy content of reduced oil DDGS. Testing of six samples of DDGS with variable oil content found that the composition of the DDGS varied. While there was a tendency for the ME content to decrease with oil content, it was found that ME content could not be predicted by DDGS composition, including oil content. The results of the study may have been limited by the smaller number of samples used in testing.


The outcome of the research confirms findings obtained from other poultry and swine, in that nutritionists can’t rely solely on the oil content of the DDGS to assign a metabolizable energy value to DDGS. The lack of uncertainty about the ME content of DDGS may hinder its inclusion in poultry diets.


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