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Research reports

Aquaculture Consumer Survey

Food fish comprise a diverse category in Minnesota from its legendary walleye to trout. Besides wild caught fishing, which goes back many generations, commercially viable fish farm opportunities have been expanding as an interest area in recent years, creating employment, economic impact and growth for related sectors in the form of fish feed, fish health and byproducts. AURI retained research and strategic communications firm, Russell Herder, to undertake a consumer survey to better understand current fish consumption behaviors in Minnesota, perceptions of the food fish industry and market potential. The research findings will ultimately exist as part of a larger guide to serve as a resource and educational tool for decision makers, industry, academia and others to expand market opportunities in Minnesota, resulting in a positive shift in public perception, and serving to inspire successive projects with stakeholders’ partners.

This research:

  • Informs and supports expansion of current work in the field;
  • Creates actionable information for Minnesota aquaculture producers and related businesses;
  • Identifies consumer demand and perceptions within Minnesota markets; and
  • Determines necessary purchase drivers to grow the industry.

Download the consumer survey results here.