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Midwest Biomass Inventory: Regional bionenergy studies and other documents

As part of the Midwest Biomass Inventory, a compilation of regional bioenergy studies and other documents was assembled by the Midwest Biomass Resources Action Team. The following are the data and references assembled, available as a resource to those interested in biomass and/or possibly considering the development of biomass-related projects.

2010 Public Stumpage Price Review
2011 NE IA Biomass Asset Map 
Agricultural Renewable Soid Fuels Data
Agricultural Renewable Solid Fuels Data Brochure
BioBusiness Alliance BIOMAP
Biomass Feedstock Composition & Property Database 
Biomass Resources in the United States
Crop Residue Fertilizer Calculator
Michigan Biomass Inventory
Michigan Forest Biomass Inventory
Forest Inventory and Analysis
Biofuels Atlas
Billion Ton Study Update Data
Crop Data Layer
National Agricultural Statistics Service
CRP Enrollment Data 1986-2011
National Biomass and Carbon Dataset

2010 Outlook for Forest Biomass Availability in Minnesota: Physical, Environmental, Economic and Social Availability
Biomass as Feedstock for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry: The Technical Feasibility of a Billion-ton Annual Supply
Co-Burning Biomass Opportunities in Wisconsin: A Strategic Assessment
Corn Cobs as Sustainable Biomass for Renewable Energy – A Field-to-Facility Demonstration and Feasibility Study 
Existing Studies on Woody Biomass Utilization and Availability
Forestry Resources Report 
Identifying Effective Biomass Strategies: Quantifying Minnesota’s Resources and Evaluating Future Opportunities
Illinois Biomass Working Group Forms to Study Near-Term Uses For Biomass in State
Life Cycle Impacts of Forest Management and Bioenergy Production 
Minnesota Woody Biomass Facility Survey
Minnesota’s Forest Biomass Value Chain: A System Dynamics Analysis
Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership Status Report
True Costs of Harvesting Woody Biomass in Driftless Areas of Upper Midwest Final Report
U.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry
Wisconsin Sustainable Planting and Harvest Guidelines for Non-forest Biomass on Public and Private Lands
Template for Estimating County Level Energy Use & Renewable Energy Potential
White Earth Biofuels Feasibility Study
Clean Energy from Wood Residues in Michigan
Energy Crops and Their Potential Development in Michigan 
Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance 
A Geographic Perspective on the Current Biomass Resource Availability in the United States
Field Guide for Forest Biomass and Carbon Estimation
Wisconsin’s Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines