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Coproducts Success Stories

Learn how AURI can work with you by reading the success stories of past and current Coproduct clients.

Minnesota-based NewStarch Solutions Named Ag Innovator of the Year

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) is excited to announce Plymouth, Minn.-based NewStarch Solutions (NSS) as the organization’s Ag Innovator of the Year. The AURI Board of Directors awards the Ag Innovator of the Year to a Minnesota company or entrepreneur making a substantial impact in the areas of product innovation, uniqueness and commercialization potential.… Continue Reading Minnesota-based NewStarch Solutions Named Ag Innovator of the Year

Ag Innovator of the Year: Determined to Innovate

Milk Specialties Global is an Eden Prairie-based dairy processing company that develops high-quality nutritional ingredients for livestock producers, as well as milk and whey protein ingredients for human nutrition and functional foods. Continue Reading Ag Innovator of the Year: Determined to Innovate

gas pump with yellow field in background

The DNA of Innovation: AURI Award Winner Has Long Value-Added History

BY DAN LEMKE Founders of the Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC) in Benson were among the first to ride Minnesota’s growing ethanol wave. CVEC formed in 1995 and began processing corn into ethanol in 1996, becoming just the fifth enterprise in a state that now boasts 21 corn ethanol plants. CVEC’s Benson facility has the… Continue Reading The DNA of Innovation: AURI Award Winner Has Long Value-Added History


Idea to Reality: With the increasing demand for fishmeal in fish feeds causing increases in prices AURI client NutriVance wanted to explore alternative feed ingredients for use in aquaculture feeds to replace fishmeal and reduce the cost of fish production. AURI’s Role: AURI assisted NutriVance in planning and executing feeding trials for this new, innovative product. Continue Reading NutriVance

Char Energy, LLC

Idea to reality: Build a mobile gasifer that can turn agriculture fibers into a charcoal-like residue, called biochar, that can be used for absorbing liquids, improving water quality and soil characteristcs, and creating energy. AURI’s role: AURI gathered data to find out what chemicals and nutrients were in the biochar and tested its absorbency. Further… Continue Reading Char Energy, LLC

Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers

Idea to reality: As alfalfa prices soared over the last two years, Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers (MnVAP) saw a need for a lower-priced substitute for alfalfa feed pellets. AURI’s role: AURI helped the co-op develop, formulate, and test a lower-cost, blended-fiber feed pellet. Outcomes: MnVAP will manufacture 5,000 tons of the new feed pellets in… Continue Reading Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers

USA Solutions

Idea to reality: Develop a comfortable yet biodegradable mat, as an alternative to rubber, for use in hog farrowing and nursery barns. The mat is made from cornstalks and provides a comfortable bed that improves growing conditions and decreases mortality rates for baby and weaned pigs. AURI’s role: AURI provided connections to a manufacturer and… Continue Reading USA Solutions

Protein Resources

Idea to reality: Because soybean meal cannot be fed to some animals due to the soluble sugars, AURI worked with Protein Resouces and Minnesota Soybean on a possible solution. AURI’s role: AURI and Minnesota Soybean conducted research to understand the nutrition of a low-oligosaccharide soybean meal that was easier on animals’ stomachs and shared that… Continue Reading Protein Resources

Midwest Ag Enterprises

Idea: Find a protein feed source for nursery pigs and poultry to replace fish meal, which is decreasing in supply. AURI’s role & outcomes: AURI staff helped Midwest Ag Enterprises identify a process to remove oligosaccharides, which interfere with digestion and nutrient absorption, from soy meal to make it an attractive feed option.