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The Live Wide Open Summit (Virtual)

Date: September 14 – 18, 2020 at 12 pm CT


Join us online for a weeklong “lunch and learn” with speakers who inspire and inform at a price you won’t believe. It starts Monday, September 14, with keynote Gil Penalosa ( and wraps up Friday, September 18, with futurist Trista Harris of Minneapolis. And in between, we’ll explore child development, ag innovations and welcoming communities.

You get all five sessions for just $25, thanks to support from our partners.

About Live Wide Open

Live Wide Open is a bold new movement to encourage people to move to, return to and, yes, stay in west central Minnesota.

Live Wide Open showcases what this amazing region has to offer, including opportunities for rewarding careers while living close to family, friends and the natural amenities that draw so many to live, work and play here.