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Sustainable Packaging and Your Brand: Strategies and Considerations

Event: Sustainable Packaging and Your Brand: Strategies and Considerations

When: October 1, 2020 at 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM CDT

Registration: Event Info & Registration Here 

A food product’s packaging plays an integral role in ensuring it gets to consumers with the intended taste, quality and texture. Oftentimes, the package also represents the first interaction between a brand and a consumer, communicating both product expectations and brand values. Today’s consumer expects their most trusted brands to not only deliver the product they love, but to do so by making environmentally responsible packaging choices. Join us on October 1, from 11:30-12:45, as local packaging and marketing experts from ePac, Packaging Technology and Research, Clutch Performance, and Sweet Marketing Success share their insights on implementing more sustainable packaging strategies for food products in our webinar “Sustainable Packaging and Your Brand: Strategies and Considerations.”



What is sustainable packaging?

Considerations & tradeoffs of sustainable packaging choices

Case studies: Is my packaging choice REALLY better for the environment?

General Q&A Session

Breakout Q&A Session (please select your breakout room choice during registration)

  • Sustainable Material Considerations (Packaging material sourced, Packaging end of life options, life cycle analyses)
  • Sustainable Packaging Marketing Considerations (Communication of benefits and impact, consumer trends)
  • Working with a supplier for more sustainable packaging options
  • Brand Post Mortem: Open discussion with a brand that has made a shift to more sustainable packaging

This event is brought to you by Grow North in collaboration with AURI. Prior to joining the webinar, we highly recommend reviewing AURI’s Packaging Guide for Scaling Food Businesses as a primer for the content delivered on October 1. Also note that while this webinar’s content is targeted toward food businesses, the concepts discussed are applicable across product categories.