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Photo of meat processing facility

Financing A Meat Processing Facility (Webinar)

AURI Connects: Financing A Meat Processing Facility Webinar
Are you thinking about starting or growing a meat processing business and wondering where in the world you’re going to get the money to do it?

Join us on March 2 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. CT for a webinar lead by Tera Johnson from the Food Finance Institute at the University of Wisconsin System. We’ll explore:

1) Different types of meat processing businesses. We’ll introduce you to a variety of meat processing businesses, ranging from new small-scale on-farm processors, to cured meats, to an expansion of an existing processing business. Then we’ll identify typical capital requirements for each.

2) Different sources of funding that are appropriate for a range of meat processing business needs including grants, debt and equity. All money isn’t created equal. We’ll review the range of capital sources used to finance meat processing facilities and identify how to best use them in a range of projects.

3) What you’ll need to prepare to successfully raise money. A big part of the trick to securing financing is being prepared to talk to sources of capital. When you aren’t a financial professional, this can be daunting. We’ll outline what you’ll need to compile to successfully raise money for your project.

In addition, you’ll leave the session with a worksheet designed to help you develop the first draft of a Sources and Uses of Capital table. This is a critical document that will become part of the proforma financial projection used by lenders and investors to evaluate projects.