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Renewable Energy

AURI Growing to meet Clients’ Needs

    It has taken a lot of work, dedicated hours and collaborations to advance AURI’s programs and resources from its creation in 1989 to where it is today, but the investment of time, effort and resources is paying off. AURI is experiencing an explosion of innovative agricultural opportunities, especially in the focus areas of food, coproducts and biobased products. This has made for a steady and significant increase in AURI’s workload… Read More »AURI Growing to meet Clients’ Needs

    AURI Biomass Inventory Featured in Biomass Magazine

      A recent article in Biomass Magazine highlighted the opportunity that biomass presents for the Midwest. “Heating with biomass has a wide range of potential benefits for the Midwest, including new jobs and increased uses of urban wood, logging residues, and agricultural grasses,” says Brian Brashaw, director of the Wood Materials and Manufacturing Program at the University of Minnesota—Duluth. The article highlighted AURI’s Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment, which gives a snapshot… Read More »AURI Biomass Inventory Featured in Biomass Magazine