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Scientist instrumental in biodiesel development passes away

    Hemendra Basu, Ph.D., who passed away on October 27 in California at the age of 80, patented a process for creating esters (found in essential oils) from a feedstock that includes a fat or an oil, such as soybeans. This discovery and the subsequent work were instrumental in the development of biodiesel. In 2011, approximately 1 billion gallons of biodiesel were produced from locally grown materials – providing jobs and… Read More »Scientist instrumental in biodiesel development passes away

    MPR: Farmers hope spindly weed is a biofuel gusher

      A July 31 MPR story looks at the possibility of camelina as a crop for biofuels. Ever Cat Fuels biodiesel plant in Isanti, Minn., is crushing the camelina seeds using a patented technology that can handle any plant-based feedstock. AURI Senior Project Development Director Dennis Timmerman was interviewed for the article: “It’s a great place for their industry to start,” he said. “Because their system has some advantages, allows the… Read More »MPR: Farmers hope spindly weed is a biofuel gusher

      Klean Soap

        Idea to reality: A Minnesota family company wanted to use recycled vegetable oil and glycerin from their small biodiesel plant to make green cleaning products. They needed help with glycerin purification and product formulation and testing. AURI’s role: AURI scientists helped purify the crude glycerin and perfect the product recipes and manufacturing process for Klean Soap. Outcome: Klean Soap now makes five all-natural cleaning products, which are being tested at… Read More »Klean Soap