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AURI Hosts Session on Regional Models for Aggregation and Marketing of Specialty Crops

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), Bremer Bank, and Avisen Legal are hosting the final session of a three-part series on supply chain development for novel and specialty crops in the Midwest and Upper Midwest.

The webinar takes place on May 16, 2024, from noon to 1:30 p.m. It will explore the variety of farmer-focused and farmer-led business models for capitalizing on innovative market opportunities in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. A panel of industry experts will also explain the pathways to successfully commercialize novel and specialty crops in the region and beyond.

To register for this free event, visit AURI’s website and learn more.

Panelists for this event include:

Mitch Coulter
Executive Director
Northarvest Bean Growers

Alex Heilman
Director of Supply & Trading
Mad Agriculture!

Pam Saunders
American Hazelnut Company

Margaret Smith, Ph.D.
Forage Agronomist
Albert Lea Seeds

Parts one and two of this series are available for viewing on AURI’s YouTube channel.
This event is part of the AURI Connects: Fields of Innovation platform. Fields of Innovation convenes Minnesota’s regional ag and food value chains to build capacity and accelerate the commercialization of new crop and livestock opportunities, including new traits for existing crops. By connecting innovation and market development with value chain partners, the Fields of Innovation program aims to build a robust ecosystem in Minnesota and border states that will provide ag producers and value chain partners with new market opportunities.

About AURI
The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the expansion of the agricultural economy by empowering expanded uses and markets of agriculturally derived products. It accomplishes this by using science and technology to help develop new uses for agricultural products. It collaborates globally, acts regionally, and is known as an economic catalyst for Minnesota with a focus on bioindustrial products and food. AURI provides a broad range of services, including applied research and development, scientific assistance, and a targeted network across the value chain to foster collaboration. To learn more, visit