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AURI Hosts Series on Developing Supply Chains for Novel and Specialty Crops in Minnesota

Next session: Thursday, April 18, 2024, Noon-1:30 pm

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), Bremer Bank, and Avisen Legal are hosting part two of a three-part series on supply chain development for novelty and specialty crops in the Midwest and Upper Midwest.

The next session is from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, 2024. The discussion will focus on the practical and technical processes farmers should consider when adding a new crop to their rotations. Two newly completed training videos for Kernza perennial grain and winter annual oilseeds, Winter Camelina and Pennycress, will also be shared.

To register for this free event, visit AURI’s website and learn more.

Processors and early-supply chain actors will share what they require to successfully prepare novel and specialty crops to enter the supply chain, equipment options for post-harvest handling and storage when expanding and diversifying farm operations, and the certification pathway for new seed crops.

This event is part of the AURI Connects: Fields of Innovation platform. Fields of Innovation convenes Minnesota’s regional ag and food value chains to build capacity and accelerate the commercialization of new crop and livestock opportunities, including new traits for existing crops. By connecting innovation and market development with value chain partners, the Fields of Innovation program aims to build a robust ecosystem in Minnesota and border states that will provide ag producers and value chain partners with new market opportunities.

About AURI
The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the expansion of the agricultural economy by empowering expanded uses and markets of agriculturally derived products. It accomplishes this by using science and technology to help develop new uses for agricultural products. It collaborates globally, acts regionally, and is known as an economic catalyst for Minnesota with a focus on bioindustrial products and food. AURI provides a broad range of services, including applied research and development, scientific assistance, and a targeted network across the value chain to foster collaboration. To learn more, visit