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FOI Innovator Profile – The Meatery

AURI Connects: Fields of Innovation Innovator Profiles is a Q&A series with Minnesota entrepreneurs who have partnered with AURI to build capacity and successfully commercialize new crop and livestock opportunities, including new traits for existing crops.

Q&A with Molly & Hannah of The Meatery

AURI: For those who may not be familiar, what should people know about your business/product?

M&H: The Meatery is an e-commerce site for meat enthusiasts or Meathusiasts as we like to call ourselves. We at The Meatery believe access feeds inspiration, which is why we partner with farmers and small meat markets across the state to curate personalized meat collections you can purchase online and have shipped to your door. Essentially, The Meatery is a one-stop shop for Meathusiasts to conveniently procure quality meat products like chicken, pork, beef and lamb directly from the source. From our store to your door, shop The Meatery and taste the difference for yourself.

AURI: What is your involvement with the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)?

M&H: With AURI’s resources and industry experts, we have the confidence to dream big with new artisanal products we’ve been testing. The Meat Lab in Marshall (MN) has everything we need from a smokehouse to packaging equipment, along with experienced staff to walk us through the process from concept to market. The Meatery strives to be deliciously innovative, and with guidance from AURI’s incredible team we can.

AURI: Do you or have you collaborated with other small businesses? If so, in what way?

M&H: The Meatery partners with farmers and small meat markets, so we like to say we’re a family business that supports other family businesses. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to curate personalized meat collections that showcase their talents. Through our service, we supply producers with packing materials and handle transportation logistics so they can concentrate on what they do best— making their delicious products! From start to finish, meat is produced and packaged by the same folks. What we do is make sure it gets to the consumer. Every purchase allows our hard working partner shops to expand their businesses, so the good food you receive is also good for the folks who make it.

AURI: What is the most fun part about what you do?

M&H: Besides sampling amazing food, we enjoy connecting with hardworking producers and interacting with our Meathusiast community! We love discovering hidden rural gems to partner with, expanding their reach and watching what our fellow Meathusiasts are creating with their phenomenal products. Our partner shops and Meathusiast community inspire us to try new things and keep going.

AURI: How can AURI’s readers and supporters purchase your products, connect with your business online and/or help your business thrive?

M&H: Hungry Meathusiasts can find us online at where they can choose from our wide selection of quality meat collections and satisfy their cravings with our direct-to-door delivery. We’re the kind of people who actually want to see pictures of your food, so let’s ‘meat’ up and share your deliciously wonderful meals with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Funding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).