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New Uses for Dairy By-Products



About Land O’Lakes:

Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, is a member-owned cooperative with industry-leading operations that span the spectrum from agricultural production to consumer foods. With 2018 annual sales of $15 billion, Land O’Lakes is one of the nation’s largest cooperatives, ranking 216 on the Fortune 500. Building on a legacy of more than 97 years of operation, Land O’Lakes today operates some of the most respected brands in agribusiness and food production including LAND O LAKES® Dairy Foods, Purina Animal Nutrition, WinField United and Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN.

Open Innovation Challenge:

New uses for up to 1 billion pounds of dairy by-products annually year-on-year. Dairy by-products include nonfat liquid or dried equivalent of nonfat dry milk, liquid whey permeate or milk permeate or respective dried equivalent, condensed skim milk, concentrated buttermilk or buttermilk powder.

Reason for Seeking External Partnership:

There is an abundance of dairy by-products in the world. We desire to increase the value of dairy by-products by identifying new uses. Non-food uses are a key area of interest. For example, molasses is used to pretreat roads for icy weather. The molasses sticks to the roads and helps keep the salt and chemical applications in place to be more effective.

Scope of Solution Space:

  • What is ‘in’: Replacement/displacement of petroleum-sourced materials; additives/carriers or encapsulations for pharmaceutical products; inputs for the manufacture of fabrics, cosmetics or hair care products; commercial/construction uses.
  • Must-haves: The new outlet or use for any noted material must equal or exceed the respective market value of the material being utilized.
  • Nice-to-haves: A new use of any noted material that is sustainable, improves sustainability, or enables a green solution to an existing problem.

Innovation Solutions Not of Interest:

Applications that may create a negative perception of milk or dairy products; any application that would require use of hazardous chemicals or processes, non-food-grade materials, or non-dairy allergens within a milk processing facility

Proposal Response Date Deadline:

April 30, 2019



To submit your proposal online, click the link below:

Open Innovation Submission Form

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