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Opinions of Minnesota School Lunch Professionals About Minnesota Food Products

In August 2017, AURI and the Stine Group emailed a survey to 167 Nutrition Services Directors (NSDs) in 120 Minnesota school districts. The goal of the survey was to gauge NSDs levels of understanding and interest in Clean Label products for their programs. Additionally, the survey inquired about their willingness and ability to purchase value-added foods processed in Minnesota.

The research was conducted under the auspices of AURI’s Ag Innovation Partnership program, which supports collaborative partnerships, directing research and technology transfer opportunities that add value to Minnesota’s agricultural products or improve efficiencies in the processing of Minnesota’s agricultural products.

As the final report shows, the research discovered a number of useful opinions on clean labeling, ingredients and access to Minnesota value-added food products. This information is of significant value because many food entrepreneurs and small businesses have developed simple or clean label food products, which consumers perceive to be healthier or more natural alternatives to traditional ingredients.

To learn more download the full report here.