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Emerging Opportunities for Fish and Shrimp Production in Minnesota

In support of the rapidly growing aquaculture industry, AURI brought together interested parties together to interact with Minnesota leaders through this targeted networking event.  Topics presented at the forum included technological advancements, business development, marketing, case studies, financing and new feed products.


Soy and Aquaculture, Mike Youngerberg, Minnesota Soybean

AURI Aquaculture Forum, Harold Stanislawski, AURI

> Tru Shrimp Systems, Michael Ziebell, Tru Shrimp Systems

Uniquely High Quality Soy-Protein, John Pollock & Jim Moline, Midwest Ag Enterprises/NutriVance

USDA Rural Development, Paul Pierson, USDA

> Aquaculture and Greenhouse Projects for Youth, Zachary Robinson, Spark-Y