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Corn-based firefighting gel featured on Discovery Channel

TetraKO, the biodegradable water enhancer made by the South St. Paul, Minnesota, company EarthClean, was the subject of a Daily Planet episode on the Discovery Channel. View the EarthClean video. (Please note that there are advertisements before the video begins.) TetraKO changes plain water into an adhering gel that knocks down fires faster than water or foam — without harming the environment or wildlife.

Patented TetraKO is a powdered concentrate composed of cornstarch and proprietary thickening agents, explains Doug Root, AURI analytical chemist, who has worked with the company on bench tests. TetraKO is mixed directly into fire truck water tanks, where it turns water into a gel the consistency of hand sanitizer. The gel converts to a free-flowing liquid when it’s pumped under pressure through standard firefighting equipment.

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