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Minnesota to implement B10 mandate

The State of Minnesota has announced its intention to begin implementation of a B10 mandate. The announcement appeared in the September 30 edition of the Minnesota State Register.

“Currently, every gallon of diesel fuel sold in Minnesota contains a blend of 5 percent biodiesel (B5), made primarily from soybean oil. The move to 10 percent (B10) is written into a statute passed in 2007, provided all necessary criteria have been met. Since they have been met, MDA is recommending the state move forward with its commitment to B10. The higher blends would only be available during summer months,” reports Biodiesel Magazine.

AURI has been a thought and action leader for the Minnesota biodiesel industry, working on process development in the early stages of the industry, participating in commissioning new facilities and testing early production runs.

“We have investigated cold weather handling problems including plugged duel filters, and we have participated in the Biodiesel Taskforce at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture,” explains AURI Senior Scientist Doug Root. “We have provided training and troubleshooting of the analytical methods used for biodiesel and have been active participants at the National Biodiesel Technical Workshops and the National Biodiesel Board industry meetings. Our most significant partner in the biodiesel industry has been the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council.”

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