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2009 Ag Innovator of the Year: Alternative Energy Solutions

Diversification is clearly a deeply held value at the Kreidermacher Farm in Altura, Minnesota. The farm is home to a heritage hog operation, a greenhouse/nursery retail company and a biomass energy pellet manufacturer.

AURI recognized the pellet business, Alternative Energy Solutions, for being a pioneer in renewable home and commercial heating. Owned by siblings Eric, Paul and Maria Kreidermacher, the company manufactures fuel pellets from a combination of native grasses, wood and agriculture residues. The Kriedermachers also serve as dealers for biomass-capable boiler heating systems.

“Being a greenhouse grower in a northern climate means heat is one of our main expenses,” explains Eric Kriedermacher. By using the biomass pellets to heat their 65,000 square-foot greenhouse, Kreidermacher estimates they save between 50-60,000 gallons of propane. AURI worked with the Kreidermachers to develop the dies and die-specs needed to produce the fuel pellets and to configure the milling system.