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Anaerobic Digestion Capabilities & Services

In anaerobic digestion, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) stands as a reliable ally for producers, developers and biogas consumers. AURI can provide topical expertise for impartial, informed, and skilled guidance in pinpointing and cultivating project prospects and offer technical assistance in characterizing feedstock, digestate and processing complex substrates.


An anaerobic digester is a system design to carry out the digestion of organic waste and capture biogas.

Biogas can be used as fuel anywhere natural gas is used or to produce electricity.

The nutrient-rich residual from digestion can be used as bedding, fertilizer or further processed into bioproducts.

illustrated graphic of anaerobic digester process

AURI Services

  • Anaerobic Digestion project viability analysis
  • Feedstock and digestate characterization
  • Biomethane potential assessment and benchtop digestion
  • Supply chain and market development
  • Pilot digestion of complex feedstock
    • Two fully instrumented 1,200 gallon tank digesters
  • Digestate handling and characterization
    • Dewatering and drying characteristics
    • Further uses and nutrient recovery

photo of anaerobic digester toolsphoto of anaerobic digester toolsphoto 1 of AURI's anaerobic digesterphoto 2 of AURI's anaerobic digester

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