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AIC: How to Apply

AURI enables businesses utilizing Minnesota agricultural products to bring new, innovative value-added products and technologies to the marketplace. The Center helps clients achieve their commercialization goals by assessing their needs and business concepts.

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)’s Center, one of six centers across the US, provides the following services:

  • Business development services. The Center provides direct services and referrals related to feasibility studies and business planning.
  • Market development services. The Center assists businesses with marketing plans, branding, customer identification and market intelligence.
  • Process development services. The Center provides engineering services, scale production assessments, systems development, and other technical assistance related to development, implementation, improvement, and operations of processes and systems.
  • Value chain coordination. The Center connects businesses to distribution systems, developers and off-takers, processing facilities, and commercial kitchens.
  • Product development (excluding R&D). The Center offers ideation, concept testing, feasibility and cost analysis, demographic and consumer analysis, production analysis, evaluation of packaging and labeling options, and brand development.

For all projects download the General Commercialization Services Program Guidelines.