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From excellence to economic impact

–by Amanda Wanke


For 25 years, AURI has been an essential resource for businesses and entrepreneurs in Minnesota, helping with the development of new and improved products and processes. From research and development to market development and networking resources, AURI staff have helped numerous Minnesota businesses so that those businesses can grow Minnesota’s economy, strengthen rural and urban communities and create new jobs. Read what just a few clients have to say about AURI’s assistance.

“AURI researchers think outside-the-box very well and their exposure to a wide variety of agricultural related industries gives them both a depth of knowledge and a breadth of knowledge that is valuable to utilize.”
Vincent Copa,
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company

“AURI’s services cannot have a dollar value placed on them…When I tell people I worked with AURI for product development, they have a stronger sense of security in working with me. I am not sure I could have continued without them. This is the kind of government program that should be expanded, because this is the kind of program that does nothing but good.
Katie Sanchez,
RAES Foods, Inc./Bee Free Honee

“We learned, with the assistance of AURI, the best-case scenerio for developing our new business in terms of the optimum manufacturing process, setup and implementation.
Eric Kriedemacher,
Alternative Energy Solutions


“Growan Energy is very grateful for the partnership with AURI. The partnership has allowed us to move our innovative biodiesel technology towards commercialization faster than we could have done on our own…..It has been
a ver
y valuable partnership and we hope the relationship will continue.”
Jerad Poling,
Growan Energy

“The process of taking a ‘good idea,’ to developing a great product, to selling at retail is a very time-consuming process. AURI’s staff and resources have assisted with most stages of development including: R&D, market development and technical analysis required for our new facility.
Rob Fuglie,
ergus Foods LLC,
maker of Nots!

“At the time of our first encounters with AURI, we had nothing but an idea and some brief conversations with pelleting industry people…AURI helped us through the discovery phase of technology testing, formulation optimization and commercialization testing. We would not be at the stage of development we are without AURI.”
Brian Caldwell,
American Biolabs

“AURI has given us the ability to pursue projects and technologies outside of our core business. They are a great resource helping us develop byproduct streams into additional value-added products. Their experience and network in Minnesota has enabled us to reach further outside our locale to new markets, ideas and customers.”
Aaron Bjerke,
American Crystal Sugar


$414,000,000 of capital investments

$218,000,000 in non-AURI dollars for new projects

281,000* tons of commodities used

*Results of AURI’s work in just eight years of the last 25, with only 16% reporting. It can be assumed that actual impact is even greater.