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Fair Food

Not all Minnesota State Fair food came deep-fried, skewered on a stick this year. Some was farm fresh, healthy and even gourmet.

Minnesota Cooks, a full-day showcase of foods made with Minnesota-grown ingredients by premier Minnesota chefs, made its ninth state fair appearance on August 28.

“Buying local and making the connection between where your food comes and what you put on the table is becoming more important to people these days,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President. “Minnesota Cooks is the perfect way to celebrate the great food produced in Minnesota.”

The program included six 45-minute demonstrations by chefs from throughout Minnesota demonstrating their award-winning recipes, and a panel of local celebrity tasters and farmers who grew the ingredients.

“This is an opportunity to reach out and educate consumers while working to create market opportunities for Minnesota food producers,” says Dennis Timmerman, AURI project director.

Minnesota Cooks was designed by the Minnesota Farmers Union with sponsorship support from AURI and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.