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Meal In A Bar

We all want to eat healthy. But often there isn’t time to make a nutritious meal — like after a tough workout at the gym, picking up hungry kids from soccer practice or running to an evening meeting after a full day of work.

For those times, nutritionist Teri Rose has created Wellies. The meal replacement bar is distributed by Rose’s company, Perfectly Produce, which offers consulting services in meal planning and nutrition.

“Wellies are a true on-the-go filling meal,” Rose says. Consumers can purchase a full-size 98-gram bar or a package of three snack-size bars. “The snack sizes are great for pre or post workouts, a snack on the run, or for kids,” Rose says.

The ingredients in Wellies Country Oatmeal bars include dried organic egg whites from pastured chickens, whey, a variety of grains, maple syrup and honey — all sustainably grown in Minnesota and surrounding states. Rose says a few other prepared meal replacement bars exist in the market, but none have the same profile as Wellies. Most are aimed at vegetarian and vegan consumers.

Rose wasn’t always a food entrepreneur. Years ago, she worked in the advertising and publishing industry and was exposed to food product development through a marketing project. It piqued her interest, and she decided to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition. Soon after, she started Perfectly Produce.

An acquaintance, who had worked with AURI food scientist Charan Wadhawan, recommended that Rose contact AURI. “Charan was a wonderful resource; she was very respectful of my goals and helped find alternatives to keep with the product’s mission,” Rose says. “AURI was invaluable … having a food scientist and kitchen facilities.”

Wadhawan helped Rose through product improvements such as enhancing the bar’s flavor by bringing out different taste notes and conducting nutritional analysis and a shelf-life study. “Charan introduced me to the processes and equipment to be efficient in creating my bars.”

AURI scientist Ed Wene conducted microbial testing for food safety and chemical analysis for label information. “Now I have confidence knowing my bars have been reviewed,” Rose says. AURI staff also connected her to local growers for ingredients.

Wellies are available online at, and Rose is in discussions with other outlets such as Twin Cities yoga studios. She is also working on a “cross-marketing relationship” with her ingredient suppliers to market Wellies.

Rose, who plans to expand her product line, says she loves offering nutritious meals made with quality food ingredients. “I hope this is only the beginning of my story.”