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AURI Sponsored Dairy Research

AURI-sponsored dairy research

AURI and the Midwest Dairy Association are funding research to help Minnesota’s dairy industry grow and remain competitive. The research projects, valued at more than $350,000, will help Midwest cheese makers improve safety and quality and increase markets for cheese-processing coproducts.

New moo brew Researchers are developing new technology to pasteurize whey beverages. Whey is a protein-rich coproduct of cheese processing.

Crunch with punch Researchers are testing manufacturing techniques for making extruded puffs and crisps from high-calcium nonfat dry milk. The nutritious “crunchies” would add a protein punch to cereal and energy bars.

Heat buster Cheese processors are often forced to discard a low-value product of milk filtration called “low molecular weight milk whey protein.” Researchers are evaluating the coproduct’s nutritional value for treating heat stress.

Filter scrubbers Researchers are testing new ways to clean and maintain the membrane filters used in cheese processing.

Natural mold stoppers Researchers are testing natural antifungal substances to deter mold growth in shredded cheese.

Lactose meter

Researchers are testing a quick, inexpensive way to measure the lactose content of milk products.