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Executive Director’s Column

Some good things get better with a partner. Abbott had Costello, Fred had Ginger, peanut butter has jelly; milk has cookies. Likewise, AURI is a good organization that gets better with partners.

We’re quite accomplished at scientific and technical assistance, feasibility reviews and identifying value-added opportunities throughout Minnesota. But we cannot and do not operate alone.

We work diligently with commodity and grower groups, farm organizations, universities, private industry and public agencies. AURI staff conduct annual sit-down meetings with our partners to discuss priorities and identify mutual interests.

When our visions and capabilities match, good things happen. That is when initiatives emerge (see story page 8) and good ideas turn into great projects.

It may be a bit cliché, but together we are able to achieve more.

For example, we’re building a relationship with the Minnesota BioBusiness Alliance. This high-tech businesses coalition connects agriculture to areas where our industry has been underrepresented.

While we are always focused on our mission to add value to Minnesota ag products, new partnerships can open up traditional commodity uses to some exciting and innovative arenas.

Combinations are winners — like corn and ethanol, soybeans and biodiesel. Who knows what next great combo we might discover— together.