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AURI Ag Innovation Quiz

1. What percentage of the Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative’s electrical needs are met by a biomass gasifier?

A. 5%

B. 12%

C. 33 %

2. How much ethanol is estimated to be produced in the U.S. by the end of 2006?

A. 100 million gallons

B. 8 billion gallons

C. 26 billion gallons

3. What are Island Pellets?

A. Seashells

B. Coconut beans

C. Fuel pellets

4. About how many homes could be powered by wind turbines on the Trimont Area Wind Farm?

A. 29,000

B. 500

C. 4,500

5. Which Minnesota manufacturer is building a diesel-powered ATV, tested with biodiesel?

A. Polaris

B. Crestliner

C. Arctic Cat

6. Where does lycopene commonly come from?

A. Tomatoes

B. Potatoes

C. Fish

7. What is the main component of Compost-A-Mat hog mats?

A. Chicken feathers

B. Horse feathers

C. Corn stalks

ANSWERS: c, b, c, a, c, a, c