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headset of Adam Stratton

An unrelenting focus on mission

–by Adam Stratton, AURI Interim Executive Director

More than 25 years ago, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute was created and funded by the Minnesota legislature to drive the development of new products and processes that use our state’s agriculture commodities. Over AURI’s many years of existence, there has been lots of change—in Minnesota’s agriculture economy, the businesses we serve, the technology we use and the staff who deliver value to our clients. Throughout all the changes, though, AURI has held a laser-like focus on our mission: adding value to Minnesota’s commodities to create economic growth.

Once again, AURI is in a time of change, as the Board of Directors is searching for a new executive director to lead the organization into the future. But through this change, our services to clients, partners and the state will continue uninterrupted.

As Board Chairman Ron Obermoller said: “We remain as committed as ever to fulfilling the mission given to us by the state legislature, and the Institute has a highly respected, professional and competent staff that will ensure uninterrupted service to our clients and stakeholders during this transition.”

What are AURI’s primary services?

  • Applied Research: Through practical, applied research we identify emerging opportunities to add value to agricultural products. This information is publicly available in order to help entrepreneurs and businesses generate ideas for new products and processes.
  • Innovation Networks: When deciding the feasibility of a new product or process, it is critical to have access to industry experts and a network of people. AURI’s innovation networks, both formal and informal, enable industry to grow by bringing together groups of people around identified areas of interest.
  • Hands-on Scientific Assistance: AURI scientists provide technical services and consulting in many areas including product and process development; product evaluation and testing; and sourcing materials equipment and services. Labs are available to clients for hands-on testing and development, and AURI scientists also travel to business locations for on-site assistance.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can find the right staff member to assist you at

We are grateful for the continued support of our clients and stakeholders and look forward to serving you into the future!