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AURI to analyze the state of the ag processing industry

AURI is aiming to find out the current state of and opportunities for growth in the ag processing industry in a first-of-its-kind analysis.

“One of AURI’s strategic goals is to strengthen Minnesota’s ag processing industry in order to increase demand for agriculture commodities, create jobs, and grow the economy,” explains Jen Wagner-Lahr, AURI senior director for innovation and commercialization. “By better understanding the state of the industry as well as the challenges and opportunities it faces, we can meet that goal.”

The analysis will survey Minnesota ag processors during summer 2014. Through the survey, AURI seeks to learn:

  • demographics of the ag processing industry;
  • business conditions;
  • future growth prospects;
  • challenges and opportunities; and
  • innovation resources needed.

Once AURI has the analysis results, they will first be shared with thought leaders from the ag processing industry and related research and higher education. This group of industry thought leaders will be called on to strengthen the effectiveness of research and commercialization projects AURI leads, in order to have the greatest impact for the industry and
the state.