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Its All About Experience

The older we get, the more we realize there is no substitute for experience. Reading or hearing about something is a poor substitute for doing it. Hands-on experience is difficult to replicate.

As parents, we try to impart years of experiences and wisdom on our children to help them avoid road bumps. But sometimes they learn the hard way. And while it’s difficult to watch mistakes, the lessons have more impact.

AURI’s greatest strengths is wisdom from years of experience. Our staff of scientists, project directors and administrators have worked for decades to develop innovative uses for agricultural products, improve processes and identify trends. Their understanding comes from working hands-on with agri-processors, businesses and entrepreneurs who are in the field, forging new enterprises and opportunities. Not all have been successful, but each venture yields knowledge.

AURI has worked with thousands of businesses in hundreds of Minnesota communities to create economic activity through innovative agriculture. The knowledge we have gained makes us better able to assist with the next opportunity that comes along.

Our experience has taught us many things, but it hasn’t dampened our desire to learn more. Circumstances and opportunities change so it always feels like the learning curve is on an upward track. That is a good thing because the more we learn the better able we are to help lead agricultural innovation from idea to reality.