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Ag Innovation News

Jul–Sep, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 3

This edition of Ag Innovation News was originally published in approximately July of 2006.

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A nonprofit corporation, AURI is overseen by representatives of Minnesota’s diverse agricultural industry. These board members, with their collective experience and knowledge, provide AURI
  Beaver Creek, Minn. — Wind power is getting a boost from soybean power. AURI is pairing two renewable energy sources — wind and
Minnesota is “amping up” its wind watts. The state now has about 750 megawatts of wind energy capacity and could add more than 2,000
  Marshall, Minn — A few years has made a big difference in the oilseed industry. In 2000, oilseed industry expert Robert Carlson evaluated
Marshall, Minn. — As petroleum-based fuel prices soar, consumer interest in ag-based energy is getting hotter. Along with renewable fuels, the buzz over biomass
North Mankato, Minn. — Minnesota raises plenty of pigs — about 14 million annually — and ranks third in U.S. pork production. The state
Milan, Minn. — A charming red Cape Cod style chicken coop, an old barn filled with goats and dome-shaped brooder houses neatly frame Mark
  1. Why are compost barns gaining interest among dairy farmers? a. Cow comfort b. Manure management c. Potential for increased production d. All