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After perusing all the information about value-added uses for Minnesota crops, test your recall with the following quiz. Good luck!

Hint: If you get stumped, the answers are at the bottom of this quiz.

1.) From what parent crop is canola derived?

a. maize

b. sugar cane

c. rapeseed

2.) How many turkeys were produced in Minnesota last year?

a. enough for Thanksgiving

b. 46.5 million

c. 300 million

3.) What Minnesota commodity could possibly be added to ethanol to boost production?

a. sugar

b. beer

c. animal tallow

4.) What is a diluent?

a. a kid who skips school

b. a pickling spice

c. a diluting agent

5.) How many loaves of bread are produced by French Meadow Bakery annually?

a. 4 million

b. 356,000

c. 1.8 million

6.) Wild rice is actually not rice.

a. true

b. false

c. who cares, it’s tasty

7.) What processing coproduct is going to be gasified to produce energy in northern MN?

a. barley straw

b. grass seed chaff

c. sunflower hulls

8.) How many tons of distiller’s grains are produced by the state’s ethanol plants each year?

a. 1.1 million tons

b. 22 million tons

c. 50 million tons

ANSWERS: 1)c 2)b 3)a 4)c 5)a 6)a 7)b 8)a