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AURI Success Stories – Wooly Relief

Harmony, Minn. – High Pointe Coverings has developed a unique wool pillow to help people suffering from diabetes and other circulatory ailments. The Knee to Toe Circulatory Pillow relieves stress at the knees, ankles and feet while sleeping or sitting.

The pillow is designed with large foot pouches on each side of a rectangular cushion. With one

foot in each pouch, the pillow rests between the ankles and knees, providing leg support. It

reduces pressure points, which can impact circulation in the legs and cause discomfort. “Wool is

very therapeutic,” says Lloyd Peterson, High Pointe Coverings owner.

Besides the circulatory pillow, High Pointe Coverings produces barn blankets, wool mattresses and

wool pillows. Recently, the company opened a retail store and art gallery at its Harmony


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