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Mighty meat

Meat is big business in Minnesota – a $3 billion industry. Minnesota leads the country in turkey production, is number three in pork, and among the top ten in red meat production.

Most grain farmers agree that feeding their crops to livestock is one of the best ways to add value to wheat, corn or soybeans. And AURI understands that a healthy livestock industry is important to our state’s economy. Not only are producers impacted, but processors, marketers, distributors and retailers.

A decade ago, AURI demonstrated its commitment to the Minnesota meat industry by constructing a meat product development lab in Marshall, led by scientist Darrell Bartholomew and a staff of experts. AURI’s meat program has since helped hundreds of businesses develop and test production of new meat and poultry products – from pet treats to buffalo brats. AURI supports the development of new food safety technologies and such processes as the rinse and chill technique featured below, which increases the value of lower-quality cuts. The institute also offers food safety and processor training instruction to Minnesota businesses.

In this special section of Ag Innovation News, we highlight just a few of the ways AURI is helping to add value to Minnesota’s important livestock industry.