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Dynamic Capabilities

Change is swift. What was cutting edge a few years ago, even months ago, may already be outdated. Just look at mobile phones, computers, video games, even renewable-energy technologies. Last year’s advancements alone can make your head spin.

At AURI, we strive not only to adapt to change, but to create long-lasting value from change. “Dynamic capability” is a term organizational developers use to define a firm’s ability to integrate, build and reconfigure internal and external competencies to address change. A rapidly-changing environment forces organizations to respond quickly and to be innovative.

With our dynamic capability, AURI brings people and opportunities together to foster innovation. Over our 20-year history, we have witnessed a great deal of change and adapted to innumerable opportunities. This didn’t happen by staying apart; it happened by bringing people together.

As a research institute, we can bring seemingly disparate resources together to create and implement innovation. The Renewable Energy Roundtable, for example, has brought more than 500 individuals from at least 130 organizations together to advance Minnesota’s alternative-energy industry.

In this and upcoming issues of Ag Innovation News, check out “Seeing Around Corners,” a column by our scientists on advancements in value-added agriculture. Change is rapid, but it creates opportunities to develop and implement innovations that will have long-lasting value for Minnesota.