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Veteran scientist joins AURI

Doug Root joined the AURI staff in Marshall in October as senior scientist working in biomass and renewable products technologies. A Minneapolis native, Root is a veteran of the pharmaceutical and renewable-energy industries.

Root earned his bachelors degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota and his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Arizona. He began working at the University of Hawaii, later becoming involved in Hawaii’s sugar industry. Root returned to the mainland and began working in the pharmaceutical industry with several leading companies. He also became involved with renewable energy.

“The area of biofuels is particularly exciting,” says Root. “The idea of working toward energy self- sufficiency while creating value-added opportunities is part of what makes biofuels so fascinating.”

Root will be directly involved in renewable-energy projects for AURI, particularly those involving the use and development of biomass sources. Having been involved in the product launch of a number of pharmaceutical products, Root says that experience is a good match for AURI.

“I’m excited about being a part of AURI. There’s not another organization like us that is connected to getting a product to the market. We get to bring ideas to reality.”