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Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships for a Bright Future

I am pleased to announce Compeer Financial Services support of AURI to meet a shared goal of fostering Minnesota agriculture and the value-added sector.

Compeer’s support funds will help AURI advance rural projects and its focus on creating business opportunities in rural communities, which help further AURI’s overall mission. In return, AURI helps advance investable ideas to further grow rural food and agricultural opportunities, which align with Compeer’s mission.

The idea for this collaboration came about during conversations within AURI’s convening of financial investors and the potential synergies around opportunities in rural Minnesota we could further through greater collaboration. It made a lot of sense then, as it does now, because the collaboration aligns with AURI’s long-term goal of furthering commodity utilization and economic investment.

In past years, AURI received donations from companies and individuals to further its mission when there was alignment.
I firmly believe that partnerships like this are critical to the future of our respective industries, and, more importantly, to the future of rural communities throughout the country. This is an excellent starting point for enhancing the collaboration and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I appreciate the support of each and every organization AURI partners with to advance agricultural opportunities and I’d enjoy hearing from other organizations who feel their mission aligns with AURI’s objectives to discover if there are additional opportunities to collaborate. Let’s talk and see if we can strengthen Minnesota’s rural communities, economy and ultimately foster innovative agricultural ideas to create commercial outcomes to benefit the state’s agricultural industry and its producers.

By Shannon Schlecht
AURI Executive Director





About: Compeer Financial provides loans, leases, risk management and other financial services throughout 144 counties in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Compeer has 1,200 dedicated team members serving more than 43,000 clients.

Mission: Enriching agriculture and rural America.

Vision: Trusted financial services partner advancing agriculture and rural America