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Wagner joins AURI staff

AURI’s newest staff member comes with aninternational flair.

Jennifer Wagner has joined AURI as project development director in central Minnesota.

For the past six years,Wagner served as executive director of Global Outreach, which provides professional and personal development opportunities through international exchange programs for individuals interested in agriculture and rural life.

Wagner is also bookkeeper and secretary at the Litchfield, Minn. dairy farm where she grew up. She farms with her fiance´ near ColdSpring, raising replacement Jersey heifers for her family’s 220 head dairy as well as beef, sheep, and chickens.

Wagner earned a bachelors degree in agricultural economics from the University of Minnesota and masters from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

“I have been interested in the work AURI has been doing for many years now and I am pleased to have the opportunity further value-added agriculture in Minnesota,” Wagner says.

AURI project development directors work directly with clients and partners to develop value-added ventures. Wagner has worked part-time for AURI since February and starts her fulltime position in April.