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Ag Web sites


It’s all about animals this time. We’ve searched for the most original animal-based sites we could find. Some are informative, some entertaining, some humorous. Whatever your pleasure, they’re worth a click. And make sure to stop by to see what’s new since your last visit.

Flocks of many feathers

A site featuring all your fine feathered friends — from chicks, ducks and geese to peafowl, pigeons and turkeys. FeatherSite loads up on pictures, links and plenty of information; browsers can view videos or check out books on favorite poultry. FeatherSite makes it possible to get info on everything from incubating to showing prize fowl.

Udderly collectible

Cow curtains, books, posters, or any cow collectible one could think to ask for —’s got them all. The site also offers a cow slideshow, moo sounds and a free newsletter. Meet other cow lovers on the bulletin board, scroll through valuable cow links and don’t miss the … um … interesting cow pictures on your way.

Pig improvements

Pig Improvement Company has been working for 36 years to improve hog breeds. PIC is a supplier of pig breeding stock and passes its knowledge on for clients’ use in their own environments. The company not only offers commercial breeding stock, but resources in food science, consumer science, reproduction, artificial insemination and genetics. PIC is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Kid shepherds’s mission: to help FFA and 4H kids find lamb-raising information easily. The kid-friendly site offers a range of services including a message board with chat feature, a calendar of events, activities and articles. Not lamb or sheep-savvy? Read up at the “Just Visiting Sheep and Lamb Sites” section to get a quick refresher.

Web ranching

A guide to livestock on the Web, this site also offers its own software package, “The Rancher,” for tracking and managing livestock operations. Browsers can become members of RancherNet; benefits include an individually-designed Web page and useful links.

Classifieds for horse lovers

To buy, sell or breed your horse, this is the place to go. Post your own free text listing or search for a horse of your choice with just a few clicks. Click on the state or breed of your choice and you’re given a long list of selections.

Bison management

SoftPro Business Solutions Inc. has created BisonPro, a herd management program. BisonPro helps bison producers make sound management decisions. The program can handle such details as tracking blood tests and vaccinations, input costs, income and reproduction.

Ratite encyclopedia

Did you know that the yolk of a ratite egg is acid? That’s just one of the tidbits on the Ratite Encyclopedia Web page, a promotion for the 1996 publication. The site includes sample sections from the Ratite Encyclopedia, which has 35 chapters on ostriches, rheas and emus, including reference charts, illustrations, and more than 200 photographs.