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About AURI

Photo of Sanchez Philocles

Sanchez Philocles

Sanchez Philocles is AURI’s Market Research Analyst whose passion centers on bringing excellence to agriculture research efforts with a focus on gathering information on the agricultural market, analyzing trends and finding potential solutions for the ecosystem.

At AURI, Sanchez gathers and analyzes market data and disseminates this market intelligence to inform strategic product decisions, thought leadership and growth opportunities. He provides market insights to identify and evaluate opportunities to advance value-added agriculture throughout Minnesota. This is a critical role in delivering outcomes for the AIC grant. Likewise he will assist producers seeking to bring value-added agricultural products to the markets and support business planning efforts as it relates to market opportunities and risks.

Sanchez has a Master’s degree in Horticulture Economics and attended Zamarano University for is undergraduate degree in agricultural sciences. His master’s thesis centered on technology adoption, economic feasibility and decision-making of agricultural stakeholders. His experiences in applied economics and projects have centered on investigating the adoption of low-input turfgrasses, the production of crops, working with farmers to create financial tools to generate financial ratios and has researched and published reports illustrating the prices of fruits and vegetables sold by specialty crop farmers.