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Photo of Mikayla Tabert

Mikayla Tabert

Mikayla Tabert co-owns Trinity Creek Ranch, Inc. in Red Lake County, along with her family.  Trinity Creek Ranch is a diversified farming operation with a long history of emphasizing regenerative farming practices to operate a diverse cropping and cattle farm.  Mikayla and her family are willing to think outside the box and try new things.  The farm prioritizes soil health and has been no-till since the mid-1990s, integrating cover crops since 2012. They are active in Minnesota Wheat’s On Farm Research Network Program with projects ranging from utilizing bioreactors to grow their own “bugs in a jug” for inoculating seed to fertility trials, along with independently experimenting with Kernza, camelina, interseeding cover crops, and PeaOla (Peas & Canola).

Mikayla is a North Dakota State University graduate with a master’s degree in plant sciences and bachelor’s degrees in crop & weed science and animal science. She loves research, and the farm hosts several trials each year. Mikayla’s influential leadership style is based on leading by doing.

Mikayla has been a director of the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council since 2020, where she has also served as treasurer. She is a member of the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers, the Minnesota Soybean Growers, Minnesota Corn Growers Associations, and the Northwest Stockmens Association.