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About AURI

Food Laboratory

1501 State Street
Marshall, MN 56258

p 218.281.7600

AURI’s food lab is available to those seeking to introduce new foods to the marketplace. It is focused on smaller companies and entrepreneurs who are developing and commercializing new food products.

Capabilities include:

  • Product formulation and troubleshooting, safety assessments and shelf life guidance.
  • An opportunity to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data about the sensory aspects of food— like taste, smell, sight and feel.
  • Regulatory compliance and licensing guidance.
  • Commercialization and scale-up guidance.
  • Ability to receive input on packaging, recipe refinement and overall market readiness of food products.
  • Businesses will also be able to take advantage of AURI’s professional approach to test design and results interpretation to answer their critical product questions.

The facility includes:

  • Licensed food development space
  • Walk-in cooler and freezer
  • Processing equipment for raw and cooked meat
  • Food nutrition profiles
  • Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microbiology
  • Testing room with nine isolated sensory evaluation booths
  • Product preparation room to facilitate on-site preparation
  • Conference room that provides a focus group setting, accommodating up to eight panelists
  • Digital technology for collecting information
  • Special lighting and air pressure systems to remove as much bias as possible to obtain the highest quality evaluations for the facility’s users.

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