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February 2014

Microbiologist joins AURI staff

    Jimmy Gosse, Ph.D., joined AURI’s staff as microbiologist in February. He will work primarily out of AURI’s lab in Crookston. Gosse aims to improve and expand the ways in which microbes add value, treat waste and provide new products for Minnesota entrepreneurs and established agribusinesses. He provides laboratory support and technical advice in the areas of microbial biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics for AURI partners. Gosse’s background includes academic research… Read More »Microbiologist joins AURI staff

    Corn-based firefighting gel featured on Discovery Channel

      TetraKO, the biodegradable water enhancer made by the South St. Paul, Minnesota, company EarthClean, was the subject of a Daily Planet episode on the Discovery Channel. View the EarthClean video. (Please note that there are advertisements before the video begins.) TetraKO changes plain water into an adhering gel that knocks down fires faster than water or foam — without harming the environment or wildlife. Patented TetraKO is a powdered concentrate… Read More »Corn-based firefighting gel featured on Discovery Channel

      Filling up with E85

        Listen to a radio segement –by Liz Morrison A Benson ethanol maker hopes a customer loyalty program will encourage owners of flex fuel vehicles to choose the yellow pump. Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC) is exploring ways to increase local sales of E85, the high-ethanol-blend fuel. The cooperative produces about 46 million gallons of ethanol a year. CVEC also blends E85 at the plant and distributes the fuel to about… Read More »Filling up with E85

        AURI’s meat lab and services featured in Minnesota Farm Guide

          AURI Meat Scientist Carissa Nath and the services AURI offers to those wanting to create new products were featured in a recent issue of Minnesota Farm Guide. “Have you wanted to commercialize your homemade beef jerky – or that extra special steak with your secret sauce?” writes Andrea Johnson. “If so, a call to Carissa Nath, meat scientist with the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), may be helpful.” >Read the… Read More »AURI’s meat lab and services featured in Minnesota Farm Guide