AURI board appoints/nominates new and returning members

At a regularly scheduled board meeting on Thursday, December 19, 2013, the board of directors of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) appointed one new member for seating on the board immediately and re-nominated two members to be seated in January 2014, as is AURI’s customary practice.  The appointments, as follows, are: New: Former State Majority Leader Roger Moe, to a temporary, six-month appointment by the board following the resignation… Read More »AURI board appoints/nominates new and returning members

New report projects Minnesota could be global leader in agbioscience

>Read the Executive Summary (PDF download) >Read the full report (PDF download) >View a presentation on the Agbioscience Strategy (PDF download) >View a summary brochure about the Minnesota Agbioscience Strategy (PDF download) A new report out shows that Minnesota’s economic future may well be rooted in its historic leadership in agricultural production. Agbioscience as a Development Driver: Minnesota Agbioscience Strategy, undertaken by the world-renowned Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, includes an… Read More »New report projects Minnesota could be global leader in agbioscience

Minnesota Business magazine highlights AURI services

An article by Minnesota Business magazine highlights AURI’s services and partnerships to Minnesota businesses. “For over a quarter century, [AURI has] been exposing businesses to new ideas and technologies, finding new uses for agricultural commodities through applied research, locating new markets for value-added products, and providing access to funds and targeted networking opportunities to clients, often at no cost.” Read the full Minnesota Business article.

Forging new paths

by Jonathan Eisenthal Entrepreneurs discover that inventing their own unique pathway to success is part of inventing their business. They draw inspiration from the tales of other unusual business successes, and in turn become inspirations for the next great ideas. A young couple launching a creamery in central Minnesota invited their social media contacts to contribute funds and share the news of their campaign, using a crowdfunding website. They topped… Read More »Forging new paths

Associated Press article on ethanol full of inaccuracies

The Associated Press recently released a story on ethanol’s impact on the environment; the story is full of hyperbole and repeats long-standing myths about renewable fuels. Get your facts, and learn more about the other side of the story. > “Where the AP story got it wrong” by FuelsAmerica > “Associated Press story plows under the facts about ethanol” by the Minnesota Corn Growers > Renewable Fuels Association myths vs.… Read More »Associated Press article on ethanol full of inaccuracies